Pope Francis says Lampedusa migrant boat disaster is ‘a disgrace’

Pope relates Italian migrant boat disaster as ‘a disgrace’ as death toll rises to 130The boat, considered carrying African migrants, Sunk after holding fire off the Sicilian island of Lampedusa Share20:44, 3 oct 2013Updated21:14, 3 oct 2013Tragedy: Rescue tradesmen recover bodies on the beach in the Sicilian village of Sampieri (pic: Reuters) soccer jerseys cheap
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At least 130 folk have now been declared dead after a ship carrying migrants from Africa to a new life in Europe caught fire and sank.

The disaster classed “A disgrace” By the Pope happened off the coast of the Sicilian island of Lampedusa and rescue services said that the death toll could rise further because at least 200 keep their position missing.

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dead included a toddler aged about three and a pregnant woman and Lampedusa’s mayor Giusi Nicolini said: “It’s an immense catastrophe,

Pietro Bartolo, A doctor at Lampedusa the hospital, documented: “regular we don’t need ambulances but hearses.

“In terms of its magnitude it’s an unprecedented tragedy. In numerous work I’ve never seen anything quite like this,

Pope Francwes i’ve, Who have seen Lampedusa in July, appropriate away offered his condolences but added: “The word disgrace comes up. It’s a shame,Coastguard ships and helicopters were assisted by local fishing boats for sale in the rescue and at least 150 people, Mainly Eritreans out of Libya, Were plucked to safety in the waters.

The ship was sinking having suffered engine failure and it apparently ignited when passengers set off flares to attract passing ships.

The crossing is notoriously treacherous and is the second fatal one this week off the Italian coast.

On sunday, 13 men drowned when their ship ran aground just yards within Sicilian coast.

Lampedusa is a favoured destination for smugglers’ boats because it is closer to Africa than the Italian mainland.